How To Work

Our AI system will be able to detect the intention of the Customer’s chat message.

Our Chatbot platform will realize the smooth human-like conversation with natural language.
By properly answering the customers’ inquiries.


  • Provides all-week, round-the-clock customer service inquiries on company FAQs.
  • Improves over-all customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Uses Natural Language program to provide accurate and relevant answers.
  • Chatbot can reach more people which can increase your customer base. Chatbots can answer multiple questions at the same time as well.
  • Chatbots are a one time investment which helps businesses reduce on workforce required.
  • Decreases over-all workload of contact centers.
  • Customer service chatbot can cater to simple queries of customers and pass on only the complex queries to customer support agents.

Our Strength

Several steps are required for the smooth launch of AI chatbot such as creating conversation process, interface setting, and monitoring VOCs. Transcosmos experience of handling customer support and digital marketing will also contribute to the proper management of your AI chatbot service

Objective Setting

  • Customer Service
  • Cost Reduction
  • Branding

Scenario Creation

  • FAQ
  • Process Flow
  • AI Technology

Interface Setting

  • Website
  • Messaging App


  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • System Maintenance